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About Rehab Estimator Pro

We are both real estate investors that have been doing buying and selling of real estate for a long time. Matt comes more from the Rehab side and has bought, rehabbed and sold many hundreds of houses. Scott started out on the computer side of the world and became interested in real estate in 2002 and has completed over 100 transactions. When we looked around for a product to allow us to go into a house and QUICKLY determine what needed to be done, we didn’t find anything that we felt was easy to use OR gave reliable answers. So, we created one.

Scott K

Scott Krusemark is a successful Entrepreneur with a passion for both real estate investing and computer programming & consulting. Using the skills and insight built over 30 years, he combined this knowledge in an easy-to-use tool that will help other investors find their success. "I've always loved finding and rehabbing homes but felt the process of estimating costs bogged me down. I needed an easy way to estimate costs that would help me determine whether a project was worthwhile. I never found anything that did what I needed it to, so I created it myself. Now, I can accurately estimate costs on the fly and determine whether I should invest or not. And at a time when homes are not on the market long, every second counts."

He has been working with computers since he was in high school back in the early 1970’s and has been a successful software engineer and consultant for more than 35 years. Scott graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Kansas and also holds Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech. As a computer consultant he has worked in over 20 different industries – everything from hospitals to steel companies to banking – and from the very small to the very large sized corporations.

He is both a programmer and a Systems Engineer and has obtained the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Designation. He knows numerous languages and operating systems. As a consultant he has had clients that have lasted as long as 29 years and are still continuing to use his services on a weekly or monthly basis! Scott not only can do the software programming and systems work necessary for his clients, but he has the innate ability to be able to explain those systems and programs to the people who use them who are not necessarily technologically savvy!

Scott has carried that same love of learning and skill set into the world of Real Estate Investing. He has been an Investor and housing provider since 2002 and has obtained the designation of Ohio Professional Housing Provider (OPHP) from the Ohio Real Estate Investor’s Association, of which he is a long-time member. He also is a member of his local Stark County chapter and participates in local meetings and events there. He actively volunteers at the State Convention every year. Together with his wife Anne, they have a very active Investment business.

Scott and Anne are the proud parents of two adult daughters. They reside in North Canton, Ohio where in addition to all of his business endeavors Scott is active in his Church, serving on the Technology committee and helping with the Public Dinners. He enjoys reading, TV, movies, hiking, traveling and going out to eat with his wife.

To learn more about Scott, visit his website at www.scottkrusemark.com.

Matt H

Matt Hedstrom owns and manages multiple businesses between Milwaukee and Chicago. He has created these businesses with a vision to serve and elevate others with core values centered in honesty and integrity. With over 20 years in real estate and contracting experience there isn’t a problem that Matt can’t find a solution for. His unique knowledge, contacts, and experience are all put to work helping him find the best solution for his clients.

Along with Short Sale Experts LLC (a national short sale negotiating company) Matt runs a successful General Contracting business and is a licensed contractor. He is experienced with rehabbing residential homes for purchase or rent to own, acquisitions and sales of residential and commercial investment property, and managing large scale commercial projects. He ran a very successful residential remodeling company in MN as a licensed contractor as well. Sellfastwithus.com is the new wholesaling company he started that is fully automated and sends out thousands of pieces of direct mail. He is currently working on a lending company that will be launched in 2018. His current focus as Tri-City Properties is building a buy and hold portfolio and has purchased 5 rentals in the last 6 months.

Matt believes education is the foundation of any good business and strives to help others grow their potential. He became a co-owner of WiscoREIA, Wisconsin’s premier Real Estate Investors Association in order to share his love for learning and keys to success with investors throughout Wisconsin.

Matt and his wife of twenty-one years, Lu, have 6 amazing kids ranging in age from 3 to 21. He has a huge heart for mission work and travels around the world leading about 5-6 trips a year building churches and houses. Other hobbies include reading, hunting, kiteboarding and surfing.

Our mission

To provide a tool to allow someone to be able to walk through a house and determine a reasonable cost to rehab the house and from that generate an offer to the seller before the investor leaves the house. A robust enough tool that all investors from beginners to experienced can benefit from the tool.


we live by our integrity. We believe we make more by having integrity in the long run.


We would rather tell the seller we can’t buy their house and here is why than lead them on to believing we can buy their house and not do it.


we continually update ourselves with the new laws, new techniques, and new ways of helping people.


we believe any deal should be fair and reasonable for all parties involved.